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Vanuatu is a beautiful place to kite surf although there are some dangers to be aware of. Being a group of volcanic islands fringed with coral reefs, many places are only kiteable for a few hours either side of high tide.

Kiting season follows the trade winds which is generally May to October. Outside this time we still get wind but not as reliable or consistent to kite in.

If you enjoy a down wind kite we can organise a kite safari for you. We will start at Takara and kite down to either Pele. I will guide you back in through the reefs.

If you need lessons or want a guide to locations call Robert from Kite Vanuatu on 5353389.

Below is information on some locations around Efate.

Pango Surf Beach

Intermediate and Advanced kiters

Pango Beach is about 3km out of Port Vila travelling past Le Lagon resort. It is a popular surf beach but for kiting is only good on a high tide.
This is a place for advanced riders.
The beach is more stone than coral and there are many obstacles to overcome.

Mele Beach

Safe for all levels of kiters

Mele Beach is about 8km from Port Vila and is a wide sandy beach suitable for all levels of kiters.

Just off the beach is Hideaway Island. The island is skirted by reefs so stay clear of them.
There are also some star pickets half way to Hideaway island and metal posts that hold the water supply to the island.
Stay clear of the reef and the rocks and you wont hit them.

It is beside the Beach Bar where you can have lunch and a quiet drink.



All levels of kiters

Takara is about 40 minutes drive from Port Vila driving anti clockwise around the island. It is close to Beachcombers. It is a safe kiting area although there are many hazards around the beach that will damage your kite. You can kite inside the reef or venture outside the break. Once outside the break you can kite to a small sand island just to the south ot if you are keen and organised, head out towards Emua Island and do a downwinder to Kakula Island.

White Sands

Intermediate to Advanced riders

White Sands is about 12km from Port Vila driving anticlockwise around the island. It is past Tamanu on the Beach and once parked you have a 600m walk to the launch area.

Facing almost South East you get relaible trade winds here. It is a smallish area where if there are more than 4 kites you will need to be careful. and like most places in Vanuatu you can only kite a few hours either side of high tide.

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