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Want to Learn to Kitesurf?

IKO is the world’s leading kiteboarding organization specializing in kiteboard education, promoting safe practices and enhancing the highest standards for the industry. IKO strives to reach the pure excellence in the teaching experience by finding the perfect balance of fun and safety while keeping each kiteboarder's individuality in mind.

Robert is an IKO Level 2 Instructor.

In a typical 2 hour lesson, you will be in the water flying a full size kite. You will learn all the basic skills - from safety, set up, flying the kite, body dragging etc.
Most people require 3-4 'two-hour' lessons to learn the basic skills, before they are competent enough to take their own kite out.
We follow the IKO training program to ensure everything you need to learn for kitesurfing is learnt with safety and to a high standard.

Each 2 hour lesson is 15,000 vatu.

Note that we do not control the wind and it is sometimes necessary to stop a lesson half way through and then rebook for a suitable time.

Once you have had lessons, gear hire can be arranged for you to practice your kiting skills with an instructor close by. Gear hire is 8,000 vatu for 2 hours.

At present we are unable to get Public Liability insurance for any water sports in Vanuatu so be sure your Travel Insurance include Kite Surfing if you want to have a lesson or hire gear. We have Public Liability up to entering the water.

Learning to kitesurf using the IKO training program is broken down into 3 lessons which are:

Lesson 1 - Flying the Kite
To be able to kite surf you need to gain solid control of the kite in varying winds.
The first lesson will include:

  • Theory - How it works, Safety, Wind Effect, rules
  • Kite set up
  • Launching the kite
  • Flying the kite
  • Body dragging downwind
  • Flying with one hand
  • Landing

Lesson 2 - Getting on the Board
Lesson 2 is all about how to get up on the board. In this lesson you arent trying to ride away, just to be able to get out of the water to the left and to the right without crashing.
This lesson will include:

  • Body dragging upwind to retrieve board
  • Board set up – safety check (straps positions, fins, screws)
  • Power Stroke
  • How to stop
  • Kite and board position
  • Self-Rescue in water

Lesson 3 - Riding the Board
Once you are able to get up on the board both ways you need to know howto ride.
Lesson 3 includes:

  • Taking up power
  • How to gain speed and slow down
  • How to edge and ride upwind
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